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Sharp Dressed Men
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Gen & het community for fans of the USA network series, Suits.


Welcome to suitsusa! This is a livejournal community for fans of the USA Network television series Suits with a focus on the gen & het in the fandom. Slash (particularly Harvey/Mike) is very popular in the Suits fandom, and makes up the bulk of fanworks created each week. But this means that the non-slash aspects of the fandom can sometimes get lost in the seas of slashy goodness. Which is where suitsusa comes in!

Want to gush about the epic bromance and mentorship of Harvey & Mike?

Want to find other fans who will squee with you over you het OTP?

Looking for discussions on the awesome ladies Suits? (Because it's not just about Harvey and Mike people. Jessica, Rachel, and Donna are bad ass, no denying.)

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then suitsusa is the community for you!

.Rules & FAQ's.


Please keep all posts on topic. Only posts directly relating to Suits are allowed. Posts concerning actors' other works, or other items of tenuous relation to the show are not allowed except on Wednesdays, in the weekly Whatever Wednesday post for all news/works/announcements of dubious relation to Suits.

If you are unsure whether your post is on topic or allowed, post a comment in the Rules & FAQ's post and we will answer your question as soon as possible. If a mod does not get back to you within 12 hours, you may go ahead and post, so long as you add a !post of dubious legality tag to it, and are aware it may be deleted later.

All gen & het fanworks pertaining to Suits and characters in the show are welcome. Works in which certain goggles are required to see the slash are also welcome ;-) (i.e. Fanart with Harvey and Mike standing close and looking at each other could fit into the gen category.) Works in which slash pairings are not the main focus are welcome. (i.e. A Donna gen fanfic in which Mike/Harvey is in the background, but not the main focus of the story, or a Mike/Rachel focused fic with mentions of past Mike/Harvey or Donna/Rachel ust.) Links to posts with multiple works (i.e. a batch of icons or a series of drabbles) in which some, but not all, works are slash-focused, are welcome, so long as at least one work can fit into the gen or het category.
No Real-Person related fics, vids, or other fictional works based on real people are allowed.

Decorum and respect for your fellow posters is expected in this community. Flaming, fanwanking, bashing, shipwarring, trolling, etc. will not be tolerated. Offenders will be switched to moderated posting and may be permanently banned from the community.


Tag your posts with the relevant tags. If the relevant tag does not exist, do the following: (1.) use the "!how do I tag this?" tag and (2.)comment in your post with the tag you're looking for.

Check the tags before you post, as repeated posts will be deleted and you may be switched to moderated posting as a result.

Please use LJ-cuts for all fics and large posts or those featuring multiple images. Do not post images or videos over 400px X 400px outside of a cut. No more than five icons should be outside of a cut.

Do not lock community posts or deactivate or screen comments on community posts without mod approval, which you can request in the Rules & FAQ's.


All adult content must be placed under a cut, with a clear warning.

All fanworks must have headers that contain spoiler warnings (if necessary) and warnings and ratings for adult or mature content. No exceptions. While authors often use different scales to identify the rating of their work, the more common ratings fall into the following scales:

All Ages G U
Some bad language/light violence PG *
Mild sexuality/violence/stronger language/drugs PG-13 T/Teen
Stronger sexual themes/violence R M/Mature
Graphic descriptions of sex and/or violence NC-17 A/Adult

Some types of content that may require a warning are listed below in the fanfic warning requirements.

Fanfiction headers are required to contain more information than is required in other fanworks.

Fanfics must have the following:
- the title of your story;
- the names of any betas or brit-pickers (if they wish to be credited);
- the rating;
- pairing(s) featured in the story;
- an approximate wordcount;
- warnings about content which people may prefer not to read for personal reasons (This includes, but is not limited to: gen; slash; het; non-con; dub-con; abuse (emotional, physical, domestic, child, animal); violence; drug use; addiction; explicit sexual content; explicit violence/gore; serious illness; character death; mental illness; dark or disturbing subject matter)

You may notice some content that require warnings also have tags in the category sections. We want our community to be open to all forms of creative expression, but also be sensitive to people who may have emotional triggers to certain subjects. Please be courteous to your fellow fans by tagging and describing your fanworks appropriately.


Spoilers must be under a cut. An episode is considered spoilery for two weeks after its first air date on the USA network in the U.S. What constitutes a spoiler?
- plot points for a new or unaired episode of any kind;
- casting information (new characters, returning characters, anything);
- photos, stills or behind the scenes information from the set;
- location information;
- quotes from writers or cast members on what to expect.


Every week the following posts will be made by the mods:

Sunday Recday: This post is for your weekly recs. Fics, vids, art, meta, websites, etc. If you want to rec it, this is the post to do it. Recs should have basic information (like rating, author, summary, etc.) and why you're reccing it.

Make Me a Monday: Really, really want a certain icon, but don't know how to make one? Have a fantastic plot bunny but can't write it? Want a Suits layout/header for your lj? This is the weekly post for all your "Can Someone please make me a        ?" requests. It's also the place for all the writers, vidders and artists to find inspiration. Anyone can request any fanwork related to Suits, and anyone can fill it.

Whatever Wednesday: For Suits related news or posts that may not fall strictly into other, easily defined categories. (for example, reviews of events or performances outside of Suits but featuring the cast, or articles from magazines which are about the actors in general, rather than their role in the show.)

Thursday Flailday: Countdown to the new episode, live discussion of the episode, reviews and reactions, and links to off site reviews and reaction posts. Spoilers for the episode airing on that day is allowed. Spoilers of future episodes is not.

Fandom Friday: Announcements for fandom meetups and online parties or watch-alongs. Discussion/fangirling of communities, fans, and the fandom in general.

Saturday Summation: Your weekly Suits newsletter and catch up post.


Any questions you may have should be asked in a comment to the Rules & FAQ's. We want this community to be the best it can be, and all suggestions and constructive critiques are welcomed. All comments are screened.

.Links & Affiliates.


Official USA Website


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- usa_suits
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Suits Ships

Suits Challenges & Fests

Suits Specialists

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Pan/Multi Fandom

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- sherlockbbc



Custom CSS code on which our layout and profile layout are based created by the fantastic street_of_mercy.

Taggging System and the ideas for the weekly posts invented by the lovely mods at sherlockbbc.

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